Beige 3-stripe silicone has manufacturing difficulties

Lymed Oy’s European partner, who manufactures Lymed’s elastane bands, is suffering from unexpected coloring difficulties. For this reason, the color of beige 3-stripe silicone band SIL 4 will slightly deviate from the product’s overall beige color. The tint of the elastane has no effect on the product’s performance or its general quality.

Our partners are carefully selected and have been subjected to rigorous testing. Components that meet the quality of our products are not manufactured in very many places. Our long-term partner has already taken steps to overcome the situation.

Because of this, Lymed offers its customers the opportunity to change their beige silicone band to a band more close in color to the beige fabric, free of charge, between 1st of August and 1st of November 2018.

If you feel that the exchange is appropriate, then send your product over to your Lymed distributor with a cover letter for “band exchange”. The exchange will be made as soon as possible. Please also include the address where the product will be returned.

We apologize for the situation caused by our supplier!


Best regards,