Tekstiililehti 3/2011: “LYMED OY – in international compression garment waters”


Founded in 1993, LYMED is a business with a growing turnover. In 2010 LYMED received the British Lymphology Association/International Lymphoedema Framework’s Innovation Award for the intricate children’s compression garments.

Pressure garments are used to prevent and manage hypertrophic scars and keloids. The pressure garment declines the scar and accelerates the maturation of it. The treatment can be started with interim care garments which range from shirts, pants, gloves, sleeves, socks and headgear.

Medical compression garments are used to prevent thrombus and swelling, lymphedema, venous insufficiency or swelling caused by different operations. They can be used to enhance tissue metabolism, treat leg ulcers as well as stages II and III of the lymphedema.

Sense™ -garments are used in occupational and neurological physiotherapy e.g. in cerebral palsy (CP), autism, Erb’s palsy (both in children and adults) and other neurological conditions. The garments are applied for posture control and tone management, improving the functional skills and body awareness.

Post-plastic surgery garments are used in the after care of different reconstructive surgeries, liposuctions and cosmetic surgeries. Carefully chosen materials ensure the needed support and comfort of wear.

The philosophy behind LYMED products is the needs of our patients – high-quality made with a personal touch. The materials chosen are used in manufacturing the pressure garments, enabling LYMED to design garments that are comfortable to wear, look good and give the best possible result in pressure treatment.

The garments are measured by physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are educated to measure accurately. The distributors around the world are in charge of the teaching abroad. The care and maintenance of the products have been made as easy as possible. Due to their unique patterns they can take into consideration much more than ever before; patients’ hobbies, occupation and life situations. The daily contact between LYMED and their patients help them develop products constantly.

The pressure class is used to define the lowest and the highest pressures between which the real pressure will fall. In custom made products the pressure class can be more specifically defined compared to standard sized products. This also allows the use of a greater pressure level more safely than in standard products. The real pressure provided by the garment can be measured with a pressure monitor when the garment is in use. The monitors are widely available but vary greatly in quality. Thus LYMED has been involved in the development of a completely new monitor in cooperation with Tekes.

LYMED has added to its selection the Italian compression brand Solidea who manufactures highly fashionable socks and stockings. Other interesting addition is the sportswear which supports and enhances whilst exercising. Mrs. Teija Toikka sees that the sportswear is the next big indication for compression garments.

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