Talouselämä 43/2011: “As if someone has put you on a coat hanger!”


The ambiance in LYMED’s production spaces in Klingendahl is quaint. Here they tailor pressure garments which help cancer patients as well as burn victims, to name a few.

“It feels like as if someone has put you in a coat hanger. You feel very light”, says CEO Teija Toikka describing the effect of the garment.  Pressure garments are like space suits in their own right; enhancing senses, metabolism and body control as well as healing scars after operations.

The newest conquest is sportswear; the athletes need prevention of injuries and added support with existing ones. At least footballers, basketballers, baseballers, ice hockey player, track and fielders and alpinists have found their way to LYMED.

LYMED Sense™ -garment for sports has the same principle than in neurological and occupational physiotherapy. It improves posture and position, body awareness and muscle tone. Garments are custom made to fit every athlete’s anatomy whilst taking into account the characteristics of the sport and possible earlier injuries. The delivery time is around two weeks.

LYMED, founded in 1993, has grown patiently. This has enabled the nurture of knowledge and talent at the same time. A cool, calm and collected growth is just what the CEO has wanted the whole time since the product range is expanding constantly and new indications are being discovered all the time.

The founding story of LYMED is very personal to CEO Teija Toikka; the idea was initially to make “the best pressure garment in the world”. This type of caring built a business that has its proudest moment when it can help a child in need.

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