New catalogue and repair form

Lymed product catalogue for summer 2021 is here!

Download new PDFs now from our file bank:

  • Product catalogue
  • New repair forms

New in our catalogue:

  • More emphasis on our product codes and a better breakdown on how to use them
  • Deeper understanding on how to order Sense products
  • More guidance on ordering products with additional features

New product catalogue has answers to:

  • How to order with full product codes?
  • How to know which additional feature to add on the product?
  • Why I have to choose both the fabric and the pressure level?
  • What product should I choose for my Sense customer?
  • Why pressure levels are reported as a range?

New catalogue goes hand in hand with our new repair form.

New mandatory repair form

If you send any repairs to Lymed, they must be shipped with our new repair form. Because of MDR, all repairs must have the same information when they arrive to Lymed for secure handling.

A repair form will guide you on the needed information and must be filled out when shipping items to Lymed.

Please see an example below and download yours from our file bank.