Terms and conditions

1. General terms

Lymed.fi and all its sister sites are Lymed’s (VAT FI09359888) markets. These terms apply in trade between Lymed and its customers. The same terms apply in Lymed’s mediated services and products. Lymed has the right to update these terms without prior notice. Orders follow the terms that have been applicable at the time the order’s been made, and these terms are available from Lymed’s webpages.

Lymed is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure. Force majeure is an unforeseeable event or change in circumstances which is outside of Lymed’s influence. Lymed is obliged to inform the customer of force majeure without delay.

2. Client and data protection

The applicable EU and Finnish legislation is applied in trade on consumer sales, marketing and advertising. Primarily these terms apply in trade between corporate customers and Lymed, and the remainder is covered by the Finnish trade law.

The customer is obliged to hand over complete contact information when placing the order, which contains (from the consumer customer) name, address and telephone number and possibly email address and the date of birth. Company customers give out the name of the contact person, phone number, email and corporate registration number, mailing address, telephone number/s and billing address.

Customer data is stored in Lymed’s customer register and the data is used to maintain the customer relationship. The Personal Data Act allows that the personal data may be processed (to collect, store, organize, use, transfer, assign, save, modify, merge, protect, delete, destroy and perform other actions on personal data) without explicit consent or if the data subject has a connection to the registrar’s business. Sensitive data, however, such as the person’s health, disease or disability, targeted treatment or other comparable measures, may only be processed if the data subject has given explicit consent.

The register is available at Lymed’s premises, according to the Personal Data Act. The customer can check the information concerning them by contacting Lymed’s customer service. Contact must be made in writing, it must be signed and submitted to: Lymed Oy, Pyhäjärvenkatu 5A, 33200 Tampere, Finland. A complete register description can be found at Lymed’s website.

Lymed’s sites use cookies, which allow sites to be more user-friendly. Lymed’s sites’ cookies are meant to ease, improve and speed up the transaction experience. A cookie is a small text file that a Lymed’s web server saves on your hard disk. Some of Lymed’s sites’ contents may require you to accept cookies in order to function. The user’s web browser likely accepts cookies as a default, but the user can also block cookies in their browser settings, or by removing the cookies from the browser at the end of use of the service. More information can be found in the operating instructions of proprietary browser manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Prices

We always check prices at the time the order is processed. If the price has decreased, we will correct the rates for any open order. If the price of a product increases before the order is shipped, we will deliver the product at the original price. Price changes are applied on the indicated date and will apply to all orders immediately.

Delivery estimates are based on Lymed’s manufacturing time estimates. Lymed, or its suppliers, are not liable for delays caused by matters outside of their influence or future unforeseen changes. Lymed reserves the right to restrict the sale of products in exceptionally large batches.

4. Delivery

Lymed offers several options for transportation. For more information on delivery methods and services, please read the delivery option from Lymed’s website. One order can be delivered in several batches.

Lymed is not obliged to reserve other products of the same order to the customer, if the availability of the product is not good or if the delivery is delayed for reasons beyond Lymed. Alternatively, the customer can accept the delayed delivery of an order or a product withdrawal. The delivery postage will be charged according to the valid price list.

5. Paying

Current information on payment methods can be found in Lymed’s website.

6. Returns

The customer is entitled to cancel the order or part of an order during 14 days of receipt of the order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. The returned product must be flawless, unused and in original packaging. Tried on socks, tailor-made products and other hygiene products can not be returned.

Contact Lymed’s customer service before returning the product. Products can be returned either by mail, with a free customer return, or directly to Lymed’s facilities. If the product has been purchased from a Lymed dealer or a distributor, the return must be made to the place of purchase. Lymed is responsible for the return costs if the return is made according to the instructions given and Posti Group’s customer return service is used.

You have a right to familiarize yourself with the product for 14 days. We recommend to take care of the product, its accessories and documentation and, of course, the product packaging until you have decided to keep the product. Buyer is responsible, under the law, for any impairment if the product has been taken into use.

We ask you to carefully save all the documents related to customer return until you have been informed of the receipt of the return from Lymed.

Return right constraints are determined in accordance with Chapter 6-16 of the Consumer Protection Act. Hygiene and intimate products cannot be returned after the package is opened, because the product is non-refundable for sale by its very nature.

Service products do not have a similar right of withdrawal, as per Consumer Protection Act, if the service has been completed or if the customer has given permission to begin producing the service or if the lack of right of withdrawal has been told in advance. This applies, for example (but not exclusively) to situations where the customer for whom the product has been ordered, has died, or the order needs to be changed or cancelled, even if the delivery of the product has already begun.

Product, that are being returned, must be packed carefully.

7. Warranty, support and accountability

Warranty is determined in accordance with the terms and conditions specified by the manufacturer’s warranty. The customer is required to explore the product warranty terms and conditions before using the product. Warranty terms and conditions can be found in the manual or manufacturer’s internet address. The warranty covers, as a rule, only product manufacturing and material defects. The warranty period is specified in the product information.

Warranty repair is always done in accordance with Lymed’s terms of the warranty. Contact Lymed’s customer service or if you have bought the product from a vendor or a distributor, they will help you in your warranty needs.

Lymed is responsible for the statutory liability for errors in products, when the product is out of warranty or guarantee is not issued. Lymed’s manufactured products have a warranty of 4 months and pressure guarantee of 6 months.

Lymed takes in material for charity. You can deliver the products to Lymed’s address or leave the product at Lymed’s place of business. Lymed can give further instructions, if needed, to recycle the product.

8. Reclamation

The customer is obliged to present proof of purchase, a receipt or other documentation of the place and time of purchase, when returning the goods to complain about an error.

Complaints are dealt with only in writing. Free-form complaint can be sent either by email to info (a) lymed.fi or by mail snail to our mail address. The website has a reclamation form, which can be used when sending the product for a reclamation.

Reclamation personnel reports directly to the Executive Committee. The staff, if necessary, will consult the management abotu the complaint. The store staff will not handle complaints.

Settlement of disagreements and the legal venue: The consumer customer has the right to bring any disputes arising out of this agreement to the Consumer Disputes Board ( www.kuluttajariita.fi ) for decision. Prior to bringing the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board’s reading, the consumer needs to be in contact with magistrate’s Consumer Center ( www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi ). The client may raise disputes arising from the debt relationship with Lymed, either in Lymed’s domicile or the district court of the Finnish municipality, in the district court in whose jurisdiction he resides. If the Customer does not have a residence in Finland, disputes are settled in Lymed’s district court.

General expenses are not covered because the Consumer Advice and the Consumer Disputes Board provides free of charge to help solve disputes.

9. Corporate customers’ additional terms

Lymed is not responsible for direct or consequential loss, damage or loss of income caused by the product and / or service. Lymed’s liability is always limited to the content of these terms and conditions. Product defect liability is limited to the possible return of the purchase price, decreased by the monetary loss of value of the product while its been in use.

The warranty period for products purchased for business use is determined in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions, and the termination of the warranty period ends Lymed’s liability. The physical opening of the sales packagwe ends the warranty and the seller’s responsibility, if the manufacturer has not informed otherwise.

Lymed is not obliged to fulfill the contract, if it is subject to force majeure, which it can not reasonably be overcome. Lymed shall not be liable to compensate the client damage or expense in case of force majeure, and is entitled to cancel the contract.

When submitting an order and / or tender, the customer clearly accepts Lymed’s terms and conditions. Possible acquisition contract terms used by the customer are not complied with, when they are in conflict with the terms of Lymed.

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