Ordering and entering a contract


These terms and conditions include the terms and conditions for the use of Lymed Oy’s products and services, as well as the terms and conditions for ordering and delivering products.

Lymed.fi and all its websites are Lymed Oy’s (FI0935988-8) marketplaces. These terms and conditions apply in the commercial relationship between Lymed Oy and its customers. The terms and conditions defined by Lymed also apply to the services and products provided or brokered by Lymed Oy. Lymed Oy has the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering, which are available on Lymed Oy’s website.

When purchasing products from Lymed Oy’s marketplaces, the user, i.e. the customer, accepts the terms and undertakes to comply with these terms. We reserve the right to change the range of goods and services offered and the prices. Product availability may vary.

Lymed Oy has the right to change the content of its marketplaces and these terms and conditions. The customer accepts the changes when using Lymed Oy’s services. The terms and conditions in force are displayed on Lymed Oy’s website. It is the customer’s responsibility to review any changes to these terms and conditions and to record the terms and conditions applicable to each order they place.

Ordering and entering a contract

The trade relationship complies with the applicable Finnish and EU legislation regarding consumer trade, marketing and advertising. The sales agreement between corporate customers and Lymed Oy primarily complies with these terms and conditions and in other respects with the Finnish Commercial Code.

The customer is obliged to provide his complete contact information when placing an order.

When is the order created?

A binding order from the customer is created when the customer has sent his order. The customer is advised to carefully check the contents of their order before sending the order. Lymed Oy has the right not to accept the order for a justified reason. As a rule, Lymed Oy does not deliver products abroad to the consumer, but our distributors take care of the orders. If you shop in Lymed Oy’s online store, you must be at least 18 years old. Orders within Finland are in euros and include 24% VAT (or 14% depending on the product group).

This is how you place an order

  • Online store lymed.fi
  • By e-mail info (a) lymed.fi
  • By phone 020 7792233 or through a customer service representative serving you
  • By post Pyhäjärvenkatu 5 A, 33200 Tampere

Consumer customer orders for Solidea products and standard-size Lymed products run most easily through the online store.

Binding nature of the contract

After the customer submits the order, the contract is made binding. Sending an order is considered a mutually binding agreement and cannot be changed unilaterally by either party. Both parties have undertaken to comply in all respects with the terms of the order and the agreement in force at the time of the agreement. After placing an order, the customer is deemed to have accepted the order and contract terms, product features, valid offers and current delivery times and to understand the content, for example that the color of the product may differ from the colors in nature. Lymed Oy has undertaken to deliver the product in accordance with the agreement in accordance with the valid prices, features, and order conditions.

Delivery time estimates have been prepared based on Lymed Oy’s own production time estimates. Production times are estimates that may vary and live due to order volumes as well as seasonal variations. Lymed Oy reserves the right to change time estimates. The delivery method is always selected when ordering.

Lymed Oy or the suppliers used by it are not responsible for delays caused by unforeseen changes outside its scope. Lymed Oy reserves the right to restrict the sale of products in exceptionally large batches.

Customer Data

Customer information is stored in Lymed Oy’s customer register, where the information is used to maintain the customer relationship. Read more about the information and the use of the information in Lymed Oy’s privacy statement.

Lymed Oy’s websites use cookies, which can be used to further develop the website to be more user-friendly. The purpose of cookies on Lymed Oy’s websites is to facilitate, improve and speed up the business experience. A cookie is a small text file that Lymed Oy’s web server stores on the user’s hard drive.

Some of the content on Lymed Oy’s websites may require the acceptance of cookies to function. The user’s web browser is likely to accept cookies with predefined default settings, but the user can also block the use of cookies in the browser settings or delete cookies from the browser when using the service. For more information on browser-specific instructions, see the browser manufacturer’s instructions.


We do our best to ensure that all information and materials produced by Lymed Oy are presented correctly and that our product range is always up to date. We are constantly developing our products and that is why our product range changes from time to time. The product images maintained by Lymed Oy are indicative, and some products may look slightly different from the images. We make every reasonable effort to accurately present the properties of our products, including the composition and colors used. The color you see depends on your computer system, and we cannot guarantee that your computer will display those colors accurately.


We always check prices at the time of processing. If the price of the product rises before the order is shipped, we will deliver them at the original price. Price changes take effect at the stated time and are applied immediately to orders received by our customer service thereafter. Delivery of the order will be charged separately.