Where to purchase your Lymed products from?

Lymed products are available for both the public and the private healthcare sector. Trained Lymed measurers can be found all over our distributing countries. Our measurers are mainly associated with compression treatment, occupational physiotherapy and neurological physiotherapy. Our measurers take care of the entire ordering process of custom-made Lymed garments. Standard sized products are directly available from our distributors or Lymed.

If you need to use our services at Tampere, Finland, please call or email us and book a time so we can plan your personal Lymed garment. A list of Finnish distributors, with service hours, are here.

Lymed garments in public healthcare sector:
Lymed is an official aid manufacturer and our products are widely available on prescription. Check the availability from your local distributor or healthcare professional. In most countries where Lymed is available, insurance companies or public healthcare sector can give out a commitment of expenditure to fund Lymed products. Please check your local practices from your distributor or healthcare professional.

Lymed garments in private healthcare sector:
Lymed garments are available for purchase for every unit or company within the private healthcare sector. Customer can request their company to contact their local distributor for high-class pressure garments if they do not yet offer Lymed products. Companies can email Lymed directly or, if a local distributor already exists, contact them for product services.