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Welcome to the Lymed File bank!

From our database, you will find the most important documents, forms and instructions for the daily use and ordering of Lymed products.

Order and delivery terms Lymed’s policies include guidelines and regulations regarding products, product delivery and payment methods. Here you will also find information about Lymed products and services, warranties, products produced, the user’s own status and privacy, as well as general operating instructions and guidance. If you have any questions or comments on the topics and can’t find the answer here, please contact your local distributor (see our full list of distributors)! If your country is not represented, please contact Lymed directly.

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Resources for ordering

For healthcare professionals and Lymed-distributors

Lymed product catalogue

Order forms

Order forms for Sport products

Measuring tutorial videos

Measuring instructions



NB! All repairs and reclamations must go through your point of purchase.

Repair form
Must be filled when sending products in for repair.


Other resources


Wear instructions
Instructions that come with Lymed products

Instructional videos for dressing
Before you start wearing your Lymed products, please ensure you watch these instructions carefully. Correct wear influences the outcome of the treatment.