Lymed Compression™

Medical compression garments

Compression treatment is needed when the person has venous insufficiency, lymphatic edema, venous ulcers or swelling caused by injuries or operations. Swelling is caused by the intercellular accumulated fluid. The reason for this might be insufficiencies in the lymphatic system or surface veins or even tissue damage. Compression garments support the natural lymphatic circulation of the body. Preventive measures are recommended to those with stagnant lifestyles (lots of sitting or standing), when travelling, during pregnancies and in the aftercare of operations.

Lymed Compression™ products are mainly custom-made with compression class determined by the person responsible for client’s care. Compression garments can be used in treating edema in e.g. breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and during pregnancy. Garments are used in venous insuffiencies and embolisms.

To ensure product’s safety, Lymed suggests critical approach towards suitability of standard-sized products in compression treatment. According to literature, optimal benefits from pressure treatment cannot be achieved if the garment is too loose. On the other hand, too tight or an ill-fitting product may cause a negative effect. Lymed recommends that garments should be custom-made to sustain optimal compression without causing tissue damage. The fit of the product should be monitored regularly.

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