Lymed Interim & Light™

Inetrim care and light pressure garments

Lymed Interim & Light™ garments are standard-sized products with light even pressure. Interim & Light garments are mostly used in the beginnig of burn treatment when actual pressure treatment is too early to start due to open wounds or acclimatization to the pressure. Garments can reach theoritical pressure of 10-18 mmHg which is proven to be beneficial in prevention of hypertrophic scars. Pressure level can be slightly affected with the selection of size. Products are intended for short-term use prior to custom-made garments.

Lymed Interim & Light garments also provide an easy alternative to custom-made garments in pain treatment. Pressure garments acts as a stimulation treatment in pain management of e.g. CRPS patients.

To ensure product’s safety, Lymed suggests critical approach towards suitability of standard-sized products in client’s treatment. According to literature, optimal benefits from pressure treatment cannot be achieved if the garment is too loose. On the other hand, too tight or an ill-fitting product may cause a negative effect. Lymed recommends that garments should be custom-made to sustain optimal pressure without causing tissue damage. The fit of the product should be monitored regularly.

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