Lymed Post-operation™

Post-operational support garments

Lymed Post-Operation™ products are standard-sized products which are used in the after care of different surgeries to remove and prevent swelling, bruising and alleviate the pain in the operated area. The compression and pressure treatment supports rehabilitation by helping to regain mobility. Multiple sources indicate that pressure treatment supports healing by removing excess fluids from the area and preventing edema after the surgery. Garments are also used to ensure the attachment of the operated tissue. Common examples of use are aftercare of liposuction and operations of face, breasts or midsection.

To ensure product’s safety, Lymed suggests critical approach towards suitability of standard-sized products in client’s treatment. According to literature, optimal benefits from pressure treatment cannot be achieved if the garment is too loose. On the other hand, too tight or an ill-fitting product may cause a negative effect. Lymed recommends that garments should be custom-made to sustain optimal pressure without causing tissue damage. The fit of the product should be monitored regularly.

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