Lymed Skin™

Pressure garments for scar management

Pressure treatment can be used as a prophylactic measure for wounds or skin grafts that do not heal as fast thus having an increased risk of hypertrophic scars. Garments should be used as soon as the healing skin can tolerate the optimal scar treatment pressure. Lymed Skin™ products are available for all body parts, and products are mainly custom-made.

Lymed Skin garments for scar treatment are manufactured with even pressure. In even pressure garments the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the product. Products are used for individual scar treatment with optimal scar management pressure. Garments are used e.g. in burn treatment, scar treatment and skin grafts.

To ensure product’s safety, Lymed suggests critical approach towards suitability of standard-sized products in scar treatment. According to literature, optimal benefits from pressure treatment cannot be achieved if the garment is too loose. On the other hand, too tight or an ill-fitting product may cause a negative effect. Lymed recommends that garments should be custom-made to sustain optimal pressure without causing tissue damage. The fit of the product should be monitored regularly.

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