Lymed Sport™ products

All of the Lymed Sport product are custom made for the athlete to their individual measurements. Lymed Sport products designed for different applications are used to reap all the benefits of pressure and compression treatment.

The products can be manufactured when needed, e.g. after an injury, and delivered to the client within a few days. This enables instant pressure treatment and the recovery can immediately begin.

Lymed Sport™ Active 

Lymed Activeproducts are made for versatile use; either during or after performance. Activeproducts combine progressive and even pressure to maximize the effects of medical pressure on the body. Activeproducts are diverse to wear: they increase muscle control, remove excessive fluids and prevent tissue edema.

  • Medium pressure and compression: 10-30 mmHg (There can be notable variations of pressure levels within the product group due to different customer needs)
  • 6 color options for fabrics, 12 possible seam colors

Lymed Sport™ Recovery

Recovery pants are only designed to enhance recovery right after strenuous performance. Recovery pants have a higher medical compression than Active products, and their sole purpose is to speed up metabolism, remove fluids and prevent edema building up in the muscles. Design and material choices in Recovery products are hand-picked to rev up the recovery process, thus making the products incompatible for all-round active use.

  • Strong compression: 23-32 mmHg
  • Strong fabric
  • 6 color options for fabrics, 12 possible seam colors