LIHDA compression charity project since 2018

Lymphoedema International Health & Development Awareness (LIHDA) was founded in 2013 (as Lymphoedema Awareness for South Eastern Europe), and to this day has focused on reaching groups of patients in need, especially those with low incomes or experiencing social alienation in countries around the world.

LIHDA project, run by Tamara Kosevic from London, aims to continue to promote, support and spread recognition of the importance of lymphoedema awareness and its role as a unique area of expertise that is vital in maintaining and evolving better healthcare standards worldwide. Helping one person can make a world of difference to one family’s level of income and well-being!

LIHDA project workers travel to the countries themselves to distribute products and train health care professionals to use them. LIHDA has worked in Bosnia, Macedonia, Tonga, Serbia, Montenegro, Ghana and Peru – to name a few.

Lymed participates in LIHDA project by sending used pressure and compression garments and other aids to target countries through LIHDA. Please continue to send us your used Lymed products and other aids: we collect products sent to us and forward them to LIHDA. Read more about the project: