Project Tanzania 2011-2017

Kierrätysprojekti Tansaniassa To expand the life span of used Lymed® products, as well as other physical and occupational therapy aids, Lymed participated in a relief project to gather therapy aids to Tanzania. All aids in good shape – even with a little wear – were accepted. We made necessary repairs and sent them forward via our controlled network. The operation was organized apolitically, nonaligned and without profit in cooperation with our fellow Finns at the Tanzania Volunteers in the city of Moshi. Our reliable partners ensured that the relief went – and stayed – where it was most needed. The first batch of used pressure garments and therapy aids was delivered to St.Joseph’s Hospital and the year after that to Kibosho Hospital.

Under the local circumstances people do not have chances to receive follow-up care and the therapy aids are nonexistent. Especially children’s burns are highly common. The hospital staff was extremely elated to receive new therapy aids!

In November 2012, we sent two occupational therapists along with the aids to train and instruct the local staff for four weeks. The volunteers, chosen by Lymed, planned and implemented the training curriculum. Lymed searched for two therapists and Anna Halttunen and Sanna Lius – both from Jyväskylä – were chosen. The volunteers began their challenging task by introducing themselves to the collected aids and planning a curriculum for the staff. During this journey they upheld a blog.

We truly thank everyone that took part in our project through the years 2011-2017! You still can send used Lymed® products and other aids: our newest charity project starts in 2018.

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