Wear, wash and care instructions

Read the instructions carefully before starting pressure treatment. If you have any questions concerning your product or how to use it, please contact your own Lymed® therapist or measurer. Pressure treatment is used for several indications, by people of all ages. Read more about different indications for use from our web pages. The wear time and the duration of use of the product is determined by the person responsible for the treatment. The product is safe to use round-the-clock, leaving time for personal hygiene and skin care. If unusual swelling, circulatory disorders, breakdown of the skin or other symptoms occurs, please contact the persons responsible for your care.

Before treatment familiarize yourself with the instructions on how the garments are worn. These can be found from our web pages. Correct wear influences the outcome of the treatment. If the product feels uncomfortable or the wrong size, it might be put on incorrectly. If the fit seems to be changing as time goes by, body measurements or the size of the product should be checked. Custom-made garments can be modified. The feeling of the product will change after first wash when the composition of the fabric adjusts.

Lymed® materials are durable and meant for long-term use. Product’s service life is shortened by e.g. the indication its used for, frequency of use, level of pressure or compression, individual solutions, anatomy of the user, acidity level of the skin, friction caused my other materials or objects, use of individual aids, and how the product is washed and cared for. In products that have a high frequency of use and require durability, like socks and gloves, lifetime of the product might vary notably between users. The product needs to be renewed regularly to maintain performance.

Frequently used Lymed® products’ lifetime usually spans from a few months up to a year, evenLymed Oy will compensate during the guarantee period only the repair expenses of a product or completely replace the products which are chosen per recommendations and used per instructions. Lymed Oy withholds the right to either repair or replace the defective product at their own discretion. Information on guarantees and repair services can be found on these web pages.


With correct and careful use, you can influence the outcome of the treatment. It is recommended to wash the product before first use. The composition of the fabric adjusts during first wash. Product must be washed after each use, to prolong its lifetime and help it keep its qualities longer. You may need to wash your product daily, which may require planning for unusually frequent washes. Hand wash is not recommended because the material will be left uncleaned: e.g. sweat, sebum, lotions and deodorant will accumulate into the material and destroy its elastane fibers. If hand wash is necessary, it is important to return to machine wash as soon as possible. The lifetime of the product is shortened by, e.g., washing routines that are not as recommended, use of bleach or fabric softener, long-term exposure to sunlight or regular use during swimming in chlorine or sea water.

Do not repair products yourself, it might affect their performance. Products must be washed and dried when sent for repairs. Protect the product with another piece of clothing when it is exposed to external stress. Products can be used in water sports: wash them immediately after use. Do not remove the label attached to the product. It contains vital information.


  • Wash in a washing machine, 40°C
  • Use a mild soap which does not contain enzymes, bleach, optical brighteners or strong fragrances.
  • The use of fabric softener or a laundry detergent containing fabric softener is not allowed.
  • Use a washing bag and close all possible zippers/velcros/fasteners prior to washing.
  • Only line dry, dry flat or tumble dry (at low temperatures) are allowed. Do not wring dry.
  • Wash with similar colors. Colors may fade or bleed.




Each Lymed garment is delivered with wear & care instructions. These are available from our File bank!