Online ordering system

Lymed is working on an online ordering system for its clients. Read the terms and conditions already in advance, before its launch!

Under the personal data act, personal data shall be processed only if the data subject has unambiguously consented to it and there is a relevant connection between the data subject and the operations of the controller, based on the data subject being a client or member of, or in the service of, the controller or on a comparable relationship between the two (Personal Data Act (523/1999) §8). However the processing of the data is deemed sensitive if it includes person’s state of health, sickness and disability or treatment procedures. Sensitive personal data can be processed with a person’s consent. (Personal Data Act (523/1999) §11-12).

The client allows their information to be used to manufacture LYMED® products. The client unambiguously gives their consent to give the necessary information regarding the manufacturing of their LYMED® products to other treating parties of the client, such as healthcare professionals or other similar instances, if the treatment with LYMED® products so requires. The aforementioned applies equally to all systems used in Lymed Oy, including but not restricted to, online ordering systems and the client information that Lymed Oy is already in possession of. The client information gathered is only used to manufacture and ship LYMED® products.

The client has the right to review the collected data according to the Personal Data Act (523/1999) §26-28. Lymed Oy processes all information confidentially in its encrypted systems (HTTPS, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and follows through with all the necessary technical and organizational actions to protect the client information (e.g. exclude unauthorized persons from the information, accidental or illegal disposal of information, altering the and extraditing the information, or other illegalities concerning the handling of information. The manual documents including client information will be destroyed accordingly after processing. The information is held in the registrar’s premises which are locked and can be handled only by the personnel that the registrar has authorized to do so. (Personal Data Act (523/1999) §32) Lymed Oy is not liable whether the client has been explained to that their information can be forwarded to third parties responsible for the client’s treatment. Lymed Oy is not responsible for the eligibility of the client’s consent. An eligible consent for the usage of LYMED® products and services is the responsibility of the party who executes the LYMED® product orders with the needed information for the client’s treatment.

As the ordering party, I verify, that the consent to process, and possibly transfer, information is based purely on client’s free will to do so. The client is aware of the information that can be transferred, with this consent, to other treating parties to manufacture LYMED® products for the client.