Post-operative aftercare

Compression and pressure treatment is used in the aftercare of several surgeries to remove and prevent swelling, bruising and alleviate the pain in the operated area. The compression/pressure treatment supports rehabilitation by helping regain mobility. Multiple sources indicate that compression/pressure treatment supports healing by removing excess fluids from the area and preventing edema after the surgery. Compression/pressure garments are also used to ensure the attachment of the operated tissue.

The most common indications are liposuctions, breast surgeries, facial and abdominal operations, childbirth and c-sections. The products for these could be abdominal supports, liposuction panties and facial supports.

Lymed Post-operation supporting garments for the aftercare of surgeries are standard sized products combining compression and even pressure, which are easy to choose based on a few measurements. Lymed Post-operation products can be turned into custom-made items (Lymed Skin), made with the patient’s own measurements.