Scar treatment

Pressure garments are used to prevent and manage hypertrophic scars, keloids and erythema. The pressure garment declines the scar and accelerates the maturation process. Pressure garments are widely accepted, primary treatment for treating the scarring due to burns. The pressure treatment has been shown to thin the dermis. The pressure generated minimizes tissue edema and the division on cells. The scar declines and the collagen realigns according to epidermis. Additional scar treatment products (gel sheets, silicones) can be used alongside with the garments to boost the effects of pressure treatment.
How to use pressure therapy:

a. As a prophylactic measure for wounds healing a bit slower, as well as all skin grafts, as these wounds are more likely to develop hypertrophic scars than those which heal more quickly
b. Garments should be used as soon as the healing skin can tolerate the optimal scar treatment pressure. Interim garments can be used to begin the scar treatment at a lower pressure level before transitioning to the optimal pressure level.
c. Garments should be used for 23 hours per day for approximately 12 months, or as long as it’s needed until scar maturation is achieved
d. Garments should be custom fit to assure optimal pressure without causing tissue damage.

Note: The fit should be monitored regularly to prevent tissue damage. The garment for scar treatment should achieve a pressure force near capillary pressure (20 to 30mmHg). Replace or modify the garment every 2 to 3 months in order to maintain the pressure needed to achieve optimal outcome. Active patients (working adults or children) may require more frequent replacement. Replace garments when they lose their resilience, fail to hold shape, are oily to touch, have irreparable holes or problems with zipper or Velcro.

Lymed can manufacture custom-made garments to each body part regardless of the size of the injury.

Effects of pressure treatment in scar managing:
• Prevention and management of hypertrophic scars
• Maturation of the scar
• Dermis gets thinner and the layers of collagen realign according to epidermis
• The scar declines and gets more flexible
• The color of scar becomes lighter
• Reduces itching and pain

The pressure built into Lymed garments for scar management is evenly distributed throughout the product. Lymed Skin garments are custom-made and meant to be used for individual scar treatment with the optimal scar treatment pressure. Lymed Interim & Light garments are standard sized garments and are used in scar treatment before custom-made pressure garments. They can achieve moderate pressure of 10-18 mmHg which has been shown to have benefits in initial prevention of hypertrophic scars.

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