Well-being, preventative compression and management of back pain

Compression products as preventative tools

Compression products are used to prevent of cardiovascular problems. Usually a preventive compression class A or even I class is used in preventative compression garments. Preventive compression therapy treats fatigue of legs, swelling, circulatory problems and even cellulite problems. Prevention of swelling is recommended for people with sedentary lifestyles (work and home environment), as well as for traveling on flights, trains and cars. Prevention is also important during pregnancy and after postoperative surgeries.

Pressure garments for back and shoulder problems

A big part of adults in the work life have some sort of musculoskeletal problem or disorder. People mostly suffer from back, neck or upper limb pain. Pressure garments help reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. Pressure garments enhance sensory perception and increase awareness of the body and its functions. Pressure garments are used to develop a better posture, prevent musculosketelal problems and activate muscles.