Lymed is part of Innovations exhibition in Vapriikki Museum

LYMED has been chosen to be a part of Innovations exhibition in Vapriikki Museum. Innovations is an exhibition and research project by Museum Centre Vapriikki, focusing on the past and present of local technical know-how. The exhibition is a part of Finland’s National Board of Antiquities, a TAKO joint project. Finland’s National Board of Antiquities is the nation’s specialist, service provider, developer and authority in material cultural heritage and the cultural environment field. It collects, manages and presents the national heritage of cultural history and records in addition to producing and providing knowledge.

LYMED was chosen because of its strong leader and a developer position within its field. The documentation included an interview on the manufacturing process, workers, work methods and products as well as photographs of the entire process. LYMED’s showpiece was chosen to be the Sense™ Sports garment which also won the Sports product of the year award in 2011.

Students of museology documenting the manufacturing processes of LYMED.