Lymed Oy was given the Entrepreneurial technology award!

The Technical Society of Tampere gave homage to Lymed Oy with an Entrepreneurial technology award worth ten thousand euros. The award was given 2.10.2013 at the Mindtrek 2013 event. The Technical Society highlighted Lymed’s ability to innovate in a level which transcends across different industries, their growth and great percentage of export.

Team Lymed received the award at the Mindtrek 2013 event

“Lymed is an exemplary small business that shows that the traditional textile industry still has possibilities in international export when you operate in a high enough level of quality and know how.”

The awarding panel said that “the region of Pirkanmaa has been traditionally known for its strong textile industry. However within the last few decades almost all of the textile manufacturing has been shifted away from Pirkanmaa and Finland in general. Lymed proves that the industry can be as vigorous as ever if one only combines it with new technologies and methods.”, says the chairman of the panel Arto Timperi.

This was the fifth time the Entrepreneurial technology award was given out as a recognition of significant promotion of local business ventures in the Pirkanmaa region.