”Treating a person with burns without pressure garments is a very strange idea”

Article by Leena Berg, M.D. Department of Surgery, Kuopio University

The excellent Finnish health care system provides even for the occupational therapy treatment of a scar management patient. “Individual, multifaceted scar treatment is always executed as a cross-professional cooperation. Pressure treatment has an even greater meaning when the esthetic and the functional side are in perfect sync” says Leena Berg, plastic surgeon from the Kuopio University Hospital.

Pressure textiles, more commonly used since the 80s, have nowadays developed into versatile treatment products which can incorporate several indications and treatments into one garment. “There are excellent end results when treating hypertrophic scars with only pressure garments. It goes without saying that you have to treat a burn patient, especially with post-surgical scars, with pressure garments. New indications for pressure treatment are constantly being identified – for example in the after care of complicated crush injuries, neurological pains after injuries and operations and, of course, edema issues or edema caused by frostbites” says Berg.

pict_articleThere are three stages in using the pressure textile: motivational stage, accustomization stage and withdrawal stage. “Gentle withdrawal”, she emphasizes. Especially children get attached to their garments. It is understandable because the garment alleviates pain and adds to the child’s functionality. In almost all of these cases, parents are fully on board and committed to using the pressure garment for their child. Also adults’ and senior patients’ recovery is easier, and more beneficial even to the society, when they can use their garments around the clock either at work or during their hobbies.

When talking about LYMED® pressure garments, the quality and the high standards of Finnish production go hand in hand. The production is flexible – patients can directly talk with the manufacturer if needed. “You get what you order from Lymed. There is consistency in the products and product development is based on actual needs. The training sessions held by Lymed keep the Finnish care staff up to date” the surgeon knows. Leena Berg has been working with LYMED® pressure textiles for over 10 years.