Lymed joins Team Rokka for wildlife conservation cooperation

Detection dogs Rokka and Kippari came to sniff out Team Lymed with their pack just before their international mission. Rokka (labrador) and Kippari (jackrussell) are trained to search for ivory and firearms – a killer combo to find all wildlife traffickers and terrorists. Together they form Team Rokka, a non-profit dog training NGO operating in the field of wildlife conservation. They produce services for organizations and law enforcement units working in wildlife conservation. All of the members of Team Rokka, humans included, are highly experienced dog operators who are trained to help in Africa when the going gets tough and professional detection dogs are needed but dog services are impossible to fund.


The representative of Team Rokka, Rokka himself, and the cover girl of Team Lymed, miss Ninja, came to the joint conclusion that something really needs to be done – stat. After many happy wiggles and a few wet kisses it was agreed that Lymed will manufacture its Animal Medical garments to calm the dogs, help them relax during transportation and enhance their recovery after grueling missions. Lymed will also give them all their know-how in working dogs and a promise to join their mission for a better tomorrow. Poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking is threating the survival of several species at this moment. Yearly illegal trade, estimated to be worth over 20 billion US dollars, is the fourth largest criminal activity in the world, right behind drug, gun and human trafficking. Team Rokka would like to remind you that even though Africa might seem to be a far-away thought, the impact of this affects everyone in Europe: the illegal industry is worth of billions of Euros and it is highly organized. The income made with poaching and illegal trafficking of African animals is funding conflicts and wars all over the world.

There is room for everyone at Team Rokka! Training detective dogs and constructing a fully functional working dog operation does not run on kibbles, much to the dismay of Rokka and Kippari. You can help by donating, if only as little as a good cup of coffee, to their NGO. Read more from


Team Lymed meets Team Rokka – furry paws galore!