Nature surveyor dog Nessa and Lymed Animal

The world, yet again, sees another first when nature surveyor dogs, trained only Finland, will hit the working dog scene. Nature surveyor dogs are excellent when searching for species that are difficult to observe, or when there’s a need to collect valuable data about species’ natural habitats. The gathered data from nature surveyor dogs can be used in different conservation projects. KaEr Oy, company concentrated on dog training, and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment have been training the dogs to find Siberian flying squirrel’s hideaways and their territories. The project will be expanded at least to bats and clouded apollo butterflies.

Lymed joined in to assist nature surveyor dog Nessa’s work with the help of Lymed Animal garment. The garment is designed to contain Nessa’s overexcitement when roaming the woods and also to increase her ability to concentrate on her work more.



Nature surveyor dog Nessa casually poses in her Lymed Animal suit with her slightly stiffer doggy friend.

See how Nessa is training in her Lymed outfit!

Nessan luontokartoitus treenit from WEBDOG on Vimeo.