Team Lymed & racing camels


Before our annual trip to Arab Health medical fair, we took a slight detour to a farm near Abu Dhabi where Finn-based Camel Power resides. Camel Power, owned by fellow Finns Lea and Pentti Koivisto, has several camels and Team Lymed concentrated on two of their also Finn-owned beauties, Ciri Camu and Camelita.

A first for everyone involved, the dromedarians were measured and strategic data was sent to Lymed’s production team waiting in Finland. After a week, which was spent representing Lymed and Finland at Arab Health, Team Lymed returned with custom-made garments for the camel ladies.

Fitting went perfectly and the next stage is to test how these medical pressure garments affect the ladies’ training regime and recovery under Pentti and Lea’s watchful eyes!