”Lymed garments have changed my life completely”

Our client Mr Olli Salpakoski has cerebral palsy (CP). Below he describes his experiences using Lymed garments and the effects they have in his life.


IMG_0389I am a 40 year old adventurer and sports enthusiast with CP. My hobbies include power lifting, climbing and paddling, not forgetting bike hiking. I am also the national champion in arm wrestling.

My life’s goal is to function as independently as possible and do all the things I want. Regardless of my CP, I’ve been a spearhead (and a crash test dummy) in most of my endeavors in the world of adventure sports.

Within months the garment has changed my life completely. The pain in my legs is gone and my spinal disc herniation does not bother me. I have less spasticity and because of that my performance levels and recovery speed is better. Lymed garment protects me from bruises when climbing and hiking, especially when I fall down a lot. I am faster in my movements because the garment brings an ease into my walk.

By trade I am a registered nurse in substance abuse and mental health housing unit and I wear my garments while working, too. I am on my feet at work and I have to lift things in difficult positions. The garments help me do better and keep me feeling safe. Garments are elastic and barely visible.

The garments help my psychological well-being, because I am much more upright when wearing it. My colleagues and friends have said that I stand much straighter and I am more convincing in my job, where body language is very important.

For me it is crucial that I wear it every day. It requires commitment, because it does not help by being in the closet. Sometimes, when the garment corrects my bad posture and position, it causes some pain in my weaker side and spastic shoulder and leg.

My physiotherapist has noticed the benefits of the garment, too. For example, nowadays my muscle tone is much improved.


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Lymed supported Olli’s climb to Mt Ararat (5137m) July 2015: