Changes in Lymed product range

New long-sleeved choice for Interim vests

All standard sized Interim & Light vests can now be ordered with long, standard sleeves. The code for the long sleeves is ASL. It requires the base product (e.g. children’s or women’s vest) as seen in the picture, for ordering but no additional measurements. Lymed always recommends ordering the short-sleeved vest and sleeves as separate items to ensure the best possible fit and care result.

Material in compression bra with prosthesis pockets changes

If our compression bra is ordered with prosthesis pockets, the outside pocket has been made with thinner material. This material will be exchanged for our comfortable P50 material from March 1st onwards. The product is still entirely made with our strongest P91 material.

Material and code change in post-op sleeves

Product’s bodice material will be changed to our comfortable P50 material. At the same time the code and sizing of the product changes from May 1st onwards. The code is STPOP213. Product will be added to 2017 price lists with the new code and sizing.