Renewed product: light abdominal band

Our product development has been working very hard and designed an even more user-friendly Lymed light abdominal band! The new product will replace the old product on October 12, 2020.

Our new light abdominal band is fully adjustable and can be tightened to the any circumference. The abdominal band has a two-part velcro fastening that grips to the product.

The height of the light abdominal band is 18 cm and it is available in three different lengths. The color of the light abdominal band is black. The thin light abdominal band can be worn under or on clothing. The product can be ordered with the familiar product code STPOP4042.

The lengths are:

  • 100 cm (product code: STPOP404210002)
  • 120 cm (product code: STPOP404212002)
  • 140 cm (product code: STPOP404214002)

The new product replaces the previous Lymed light abdominal band. The previous 7.5 cm and 16 cm high light abdominal bands will be discontinued on October 12, 2020. If we receive orders with the product code STPOP4042 after 12.10.2020, we will automatically replace the products with the renewed model and the ordered length.

You can find the new light abdominal band in our updated e-catalog on September 23, 2020!